SICKRECY Sign Deal With Spikerot Records

Spikerot Records are proud to announce the signing of the Swedish Grindcore unit SICKRECY, a brand new project consisting of members of BirdfleshGeneral SurgeryWorld in Ruins and Damned to Downfall. Extreme, fast and chaotic,  SICKRECY masterfully conveys the old school spirit of the genre into their sound, injected with shots of Crust Punk, D-beat and Death Metal, so you know what to expect in terms of sheer anger, brute force, blasting speed and pounding frenzy.

The shovel had already been pushed into the ground in early 2020, but 2021 will be the year of further digging, with the release of the band’s debut EP First World Anxiety, a way to exorcise the anger and frustration for a society in decline. It will be out on June 4th as a digital-only release and available on all major digital platforms and on Bandcamp for Name Your Price, a juicy anticipation of the upcoming full-length album, also released by Spikerot Records.

A first glimpse of what to expect from the upcoming output can already be heard and seen in form of an official teaser, streaming here: