Sinnery – A Feast of Fools

PBR045_cover_web  When it comes to thrash there’s an infinitely larger amount of bands that try to be good but never come close to succeeding compared to that small portion of group that manage to create something that us thrash fans can enjoy without having to think too far outside of the box (or not at all) and just make something good. Sinnery is a very good example of the latter of those two kinds. Not allowing themselves to get too obsessed by the idea of being fast alone, “A Feast of Fools” is a debut that really hits the nail right on the head as all nine tracks off the album are very well rounded with guitars that are naturally fast with an incredible sense to allow room for subtle rhythms and riffs that draw you in and keep you listening. Then there’s the matter of the smooth vocals that bring a good balance to the thrash intensity that you are experiencing while keeping a solid contrast between everything so that the vocals don’t drown out the rest of the band or vice versa, or (Satan forbid) they’re both s**t and mixing the two give you a steaming heap that you want as far away from you as possible. Thankfully, that’s far from the case with “A Feast of Fools”. The bass with a solid rhythm, aforementioned smooth vocals and fast guitars, and awesomely done drums all come together to create a real modern thrash experience that I cannot help but give a thumbs up to as Sinnery prove that they are way above the average with “A Feast of Fools”. A record that must be heard by anyone who is looking for any good aspiring thrash bands, you will absolutely find plenty of enjoyment out of this piece, and that I can promise you.

“A Feast of Fools” releases on May 6th.

Track Listing:

  1. Revolotions for Nothing (H.A.C.)
  2. Built to Kill
  3. Magic Bullet
  4. Showing Teeth
  5. Mad Dog
  6. Holy Grounds
  7. Black Widow
  8. Symphony of Sorrow
  9. A Feast of Fools