SIXX:A.M. Guitarist Says Music Streaming Is ‘The Best Thing That Ever Happened’

During an appearance on Action Figures, SIXX:AM. guitarist and former member of GUNS N’ ROSES, DJ Ashba, talked about streaming, calling it “the best thing that ever happened.”

Asked for his opinion on “the current state of the music business, the streaming, and all that,” Ashba replied (transcribed by UG):

I love it, yeah, I love it, I think it’s the best thing that ever happened. It’s great, it’s sad to see like the Tower Records and stuff, that bums you out because I’m from that school, but at the same time, I embrace technology, I always have, and I just think it’s great.

You can pay a very small fee every month to Apple or Spotify or whatever you choose and you can get any song in the world. I remember my CDs melding on my dashboard and stuff, so it’s like, those days are gone.

You probably go into your friend’s house or probably had it yourself where you have the wall of CDs, and before that the albums and stuff, but nothing sounds as good as a vinyl record, there’s a sound to it.

When he was asked about that there’s been a resurgence in vinyl in recent years, which is very cool, he commented:
Yeah, I love vinyl, I love the way they sound. It is great, it’s great for kids on the go and just something where you can throw out a song and the world can hear it tomorrow, it’s pretty powerful.

DJ Ashba joined the GUNS N’ ROSES band in 2009 and left in July 2015 to focus on his other band band SIXX:A.M. – which also features Nikki Sixx and James Michael.

You can check out the full video interview with Action Figure below.

In this episode DJ Ashba speaks candidly about growing up in poor Midwest family, his move to Los Angeles, his years with GUNS N’ ROSES and then transitioning to becoming an successful entrepreneur. DJ speaks candidly about his early struggles until he made it as well money, fame and success.