SLAVES ON DOPE Singer Pranks DONALD TRUMP With CLINT EASTWOOD Impersonation Prank Call (Video)

Jason Rockman Donald Trump

The lead singer of SLAVES OF DOPE, Jason Rockman, managed to prank call former U.S President Donald Trump by pretending to be American actor Clint Eastwood.

The audacious prank was a part of a humorous stunt, which has since gained substantial attention on social media. Jason Rockman, known for his distinctive voice, impersonated Eastwood, leading to a conversation with Trump who believed he was speaking with the Hollywood icon.

The prank not only showcases Rockman’s talent but also adds a touch of humor to the ongoing political discourse.

“It’s an honor to talk to you again,” Trump can be heard telling Rockman, who he believed was Eastwood, during the conversation, parts of which were released by the radio station Wednesday.