Someone Covered METALLICA’s ’72 Seasons’ In The Style Of SLAYER And It’s Amazing!

Tom Araya James Hetfield

METALLICA bassist Rob Trujillo expressed in a recent interview with Alfa 91.3 FM, a Mexican radio station, that if he had the chance to select any band to cover a song from their newly-released album 72 Seasons, it would be SLAYER.

Rob said: “What would be a really powerful song? I mean, I would love to hear, like… this is gonna sound crazy. What if 72 Seasons was covered by SLAYER? I mean, that would be pretty cool [laughs]. You know?

 “No one would expect that, but I would love it,” he continued. “I always feel like some people say there’s a competition [between us]. Maybe it’s because I came into the band later, [but] I view it as more as two signature sort of icon powerhouses, you know, that had this energy back in the early ’80s, you know? Really strong. But, like, what if, what if the classic Slayer lineup covered a song like 72 Seasons? That would be pretty cool.”

And Finnish YouTuber Otu has created just that.

Recently, Otu, the mastermind behind the Moonic Productions video channel, covered Michael Jackson‘s “Beat It” in the style of SLAYER, indicating his inclination towards producing more such dark and aggressive thrash music.