SOMNIATE To Release Debut Album On June 30th

Somniate Band

Czech black metal revelation SOMNIATE will release their debut album The Meyrinkian Slumber on June 30th through Lavadome Productions and Cloven Hoof.

To give you a taste of upcoming album, band released a single, “Of Fragrance and Light,” which is available below.

The album will offer 5 tracks drawing inspiration and concept from the novel The Golem written by Gustav Meyrink between 1907 and 1914. The listener will be exposed to a sophisticated black metal flight above the esoteric plot of the writer´s masterpiece. A tale of searching for the ascension through identity shifts, alchemical concepts and suffering, all set in a distorted vision of Prague.

The Meyrinkian Slumber track listing:

  1. The Sleepless Stone
  2. Rephaim
  3. In Bone Incorruptible
  4. A Penitentiary Triptych
  5. Of Fragrance and Light
Somniate The Meyrinkian Slumber