Southern California’s Premier Metal Export CONTORTION Slated To Enter Studio This Winter


CONTORTION, the 4-piece American heavy metal band based out of Southern California, has recently revamped their line up, and is slated to hit the studio this winter to record their second album. With an all new cast of members: Devon Antrim, Dustin Barker, Richard Thomason, (Drums, Guitar and Bass, respectively)

CONTORTION’s debut, “False Flag Paradigm,” was released on Friday October 27th, 2017 with Rock Avenue Records USA, and was produced and engineered by Darian Rundall (Suicidal Tendencies).

While their debut harnesses an aggressive onslaught of pure American heavy metal, the band is gearing up for something slightly different on their upcoming release.

Frontman Stone states, “We are hoping to bring a unique sound to this next record. Creatively spanning out in all directions with “more.” More intricacy, more hooks, more singing, more groove, more speed. We would like to keep to the versatile sound that Contortion has always driven towards, but kick it up a notch, in all areas.”

Moreover, the sophomore effort will contain many ‘name’ guests performers from the rock and metal genres, but no names have been revealed at this time.