STEVEN TYLER Gets Mad At Fans: ‘It’s The Worst F—king Crowd In The Last 10 Years’

Steven Tyler

According to Detroit’s Classic Rock, 94.7 WCSX station, AEROSMITH frontman Steven Tyler wasn’t pleased with the fans at the band’s recent show at Twin Cities Summer Jam at Canterbury Park in Shakopee in Minnesota.

Apparently, Tyler wanted the crowd to sing along to the chorus of “What It Takes,” which failed. Then the singer addressed the crowd calling them “the worst f**king crowd in the last 10 years.”

Then he did a crowd a second chance, and they were able to pull off the chorus on the second take.

Star Tribune wrote a review about the performance saying, “Tyler and AEROSMITH, those bad boys from Boston, certainly had what it takes to win over a Midwestern crowd on Friday — the rock-star swagger, high-octane energy, singalong hits, terrific guitar work and the loud mouth of Tyler. ”

The review later stated, “Perry, 68, was on fire all night, with tasty fills and outstanding guitar solos. By contrast, Tyler, 71, seemed to turn it on and off. He’s been more consistently engaged in previous Twin Cities appearances, but then AEROSMITH hadn’t rocked in town since 2012. The band seemed to shift into high gear when Perry took over vocals on ‘Stop Messin’ Around,’ an early FLEETWOOD MAC blues tunes featuring standout solos by guest Buck Johnson on organ, Perry on guitar and Tyler on harmonica, blowing right in Perry’s face.”