Strangelet – First Bite

strangelet_coverart  German metal normally sparks names like Rammstein into the minds of seasoned metal heads, but here is another German group who is just starting their metal career with their debut album “First Bite”.

Strangelet’s debut is definitely something that can be seen as very well rounded with a good, solid sound to it that is both metal and rock so it has more versatility to it than many other bands out there generally lack.

“First Bite” isn’t something that exactly blew my mind, but it did make me subconsciously tap my foot and get into a nice groove listening to it so this album is definitely something that was enjoyable and without a doubt an album that a lot of people can enjoy as I did.

You can purchase “First Blood” on iTunes here and you can stream the first track, “Privilege of Power”, via YouTube below.

Track Listing:

  1. Privilege of Power
  2. Nothing
  3. Tainted
  4. Pray to Break
  5. Stillborn
  6. Snakebite
  7. Hell & Back
  8. Touch the Sky
  9. Catching Fire
  10. All That’s Left
  11. Hiding Star