STRYPER’s MICHAEL SWEET: It’s ‘Odd That Many Metalheads Have A Problem With Jesus Yet Have Absolutely No Problem With The Devil’

Michael Sweet

Michael Sweet, the frontman of Christian rock band STRYPER, expressed bewilderment at the fact that numerous metal music enthusiasts readily accept references to the devil yet show discomfort when it comes to Jesus.

Sweet is known for his band’s unique practice of throwing Bibles to their audience and incorporating a Biblical verse, Isaiah 53:5, into STRYPER‘s posters. He voiced this intriguing observation in a recent social media post shared on Tuesday, August 22.

He wrote: “I find it interesting that most (and I mean most) people who write us off say that it’s because we sing about Jesus and that they could never get into that. Yet at the very same time they’ll sit (or stand) and listen to a band sing about Satan and not bat an eye. Even though they’re not into Satan. It’s always struck me as odd that many metal heads have a problem with Jesus yet have absolutely no problem with the devil.”

In a 2015 discussion with The Great Southern Brainfart, Sweet asserted that STRYPER was more forthright in consistently spotlighting Christian ethics and teachings. He contrasted this to several metal artists who, despite regularly featuring themes of Satan and conflict in their music, maintain a routine of attending church every Sunday.

He said at the time: “Tom Araya from SLAYER gets up there with the pentagrams and upside down crosses and the screaming and the evil but then he gets off stage and goes to church. Don’t get me wrong, I think that’s great, but it also brings into question the depth of what they’re doing and who they’re doing it for.”