TED NUGENT Says HOWARD STERN Turned Into ‘An Isolated Jack*ss’

Howard Stern Ted Nugent

During a recent edition of “The Nightly Nuge,” Ted Nugent once again weighted in a campaign to kick podcast host Joe Rogan off Spotify for allegedly spreading false narratives about the coronavirus.

Rogan, whose podcast is distributed exclusively through Spotify, has been criticized by doctors and scientists for spreading misinformation regarding the coronavirus and vaccines.

“I have great admiration and respect for Joe,” Ted said. “He’s carved out a meaningful, positive force that’s not just good for his family and friends, but I think it’s good for America; I think it’s good for humankind because his podcast is the number one podcast on planet Earth. And what is a podcast but a celebration of dialogue and communication — not just a respect and indulgence of alternative points of views, but the pursuit and celebration of alternative points of view. So he’s really cut a niche for himself that goes far beyond anybody else I can really think of.”

Nugent, who has been a guest on Joe‘s show three times, continued: “I was on Howard Stern‘s radio show going all the way back to the ’70s and I’ve watched him turn into an isolated jack*ss, really, not really respecting alternative points of view and presuming and falsely accusing me, for example. So, where I’ve had a good time with people like Howard Stern, who’s a powerful force in the media, but he was never a journalist, he was never a truth seeker. And Joe Rogan has accomplished that with much aplomb, dare I say.

Joe Rogan was brave and courageous and unafraid to bring on other people’s views and experiences and points of views, including word-class, revered epidemiologists and virologists to bring in truth about certain medicines and certain emergency shots. So, God bless Joe Rogan.

“Be afraid of nothing. Get all the information you possibly can,” he added. “And if you rely on your instinct, data, footage, documents, evidence… You can go to the Nuremberg trial for some information, I suspect.

Joe Rogan has been a pioneer, a paradigm pusher, a paradigm destroyer, and I love that, because the most important thing for knowledge to power — critical thinking. Joe Rogan is a great critical thinker. That’s why the propaganda ministry can’t stand him. Perfect.”