TED NUGENT Slams Democrats: ‘They’re The Only Dumb Ones Out There’

Ted Nugent

During a recent appearance on the “Joe Pags Show,” Ted Nugent reflected on President-elect Joe Biden‘s win in the race for the White House, saying that only “brain-dead zombies” would vote for someone like the new commander-in-chief.

“We have heard often repeated the term the ‘dumbing down of America.’ Well, the dumbing down of America has only impacted leftists; they’re the only dumb ones out there,” Nugent said (watch video below). “They really qualify as brain-dead zombies who would vote for a candidate for an actual political party in America that stumbles to discover syllables, meaningful statements, to understand his geographical location, to think that there’s a segment of our society that would go, ‘You know, this Joe Biden guy is a great leader.’ I think when Joe Biden speaks [slurs words]. I’ve heard [him] try to talk, and it’s almost like a spoof on a spoof.”

When asked what conservatives can do now that Trump is apparently on his way out of the White House, Nugent responded: “Everybody who believes in God, family, country, freedom, law and order, you need to contact your elected employees now. A monthly basis would have worked prior to this, but now we’re scrambling for damage control, because we weren’t smart enough to have quality control.

“Every conservative family in America should call their mayor, their governon, their senator and their congressman every week and say, ‘Hello, I’d like to speak to the mayor. Okay, he’s not available. What is your name? I’m writing your name down, Sebastian, and it’s 2 o’clock Monday, and this is so-and-so family calling to let the mayor know’ — and same for the governor, same for the senator, same for the congressman — ‘we support Donald Trump.’ Very pleasantly. But say, ‘We support this great president. We support law enforcement. We demand law and order. We demand constitutional accountability, Mr. Mayor. And we know for a fact that there is no such thing in America as systemic racism.’

“And by the way, be sure you tell the mayor, congressman, senator and governor that we know George Floyd killed himself with fentanyl,” he continued. “The cops were trying to subdue a violent, arrest-resisting thug who was dying because of his fentanyl lifestyle. ‘We just wanted the mayor or the governor or the senator or the congressman to know that. That’s what my family believes in.’

“If all the conservative families — hell, just 10 percent of ’em, but I’d rather 100 percent — if they called their elected employees and said that, we would cause a wave of fear on that side instead of the wave of fear on our side,” Nugent added. “We’re not tough enough, we’re not aggressive enough, we’re not vocal enough, and we’re not consistent enough.

“If you don’t state and decree, on a regular basis, your conservative values, the elected employees dismiss you out of hand and choose a Joe Biden to be their presidential candidate. Case closed.”