The Animal State – Genus Review

Ah, what a perfect drum beat full of swing and power. “Genus” opens up with this wonderful and delightful drum beat from first track “Bucephalus” – hum, what a name. By the way, Bucephalus was the war horse of Alexander the Great. I guess it deserves to be honored with a great song as this one. The Animal State – hum, what a name – do an interesting mix of 1970s Art Rock with touches of Metal music and great playing. The prowness of the band is the thing the first called my attention to the album. The way they so naturally conduct the passages around the album is fantastic. Each note flows so naturally that we come to think if they have ever practiced the song. I mean, the feeling is that someone yells “Hey, guys, in C major” and the band goes.

The tracks in “Genus” are in average of ten minutes. There are five of them in the album and they are all complex and simple at the same time. I can’t stop thinking of how natural they are. It’s awkward to see that The Animal State is a one-man project that plays all the instruments. The name of the mastermind of the project is Col Mullins. Well, all of them I really don’t know because in the press release there is nothing about the drumming. But in my experience it’s not possible to be a recording or a machine. There is no way this drumming is done by a robot. There are so many fillings and swings and things that only a human could do them as they are done here. Pay close attention to “Howl” and you’ll see what Im trying to say. The drumming is so amazing and powerful that could only be done by human hands – and punch.

The mix of the great sounds of the 1960s and 1970s with some jazz I have to say that I find it amazing. It’s wonderful to remember the clean and crystal clear sound of the electric piano that “Fawn” delivers us. This is one of the so many albums that it took me so long to review. And I do regret it. It’s a shame that it’s from 2020 and I can’t indict it to the best albums of 2021. So sorry, The Animal State. I’m really sorry. “Genus” is a great album in all senses because it’s also powerful and heavy besides all the prowness.

The Animal State “Genus” was released on May, 2020 via Colmination Music.

Track Listing:

  1. Bucephalus
  2. Talon
  3. Cerberus
  4. Howl
  5. Fawn

Watch “Cerberus” official lyric video here: