The Fallen – Mivé Lettem Review

It’s not everyday that we have here a band that sings in Hungarian. If you, my child of the night excuse me, I have a few words to say about languages and Metal. It seems to me that bands have learned how to fit their native languages into Metal. Here we’ve reviewed and received many albums from everywhere in this sad and lonely and pathetic planet and some of them were in their native languages. I really liked the effect of them whatever they were. In fact, I’m used to listening a song and not understanding all the lyrics as I’m not native in English. Even with the many years of training and studying and writing I can’t understand everything. C’est la vie, as our French friends say and a very good band said it too – the band is prog legends Emerson, Lake and Palmer.

That put let’s go to The Fallen “Mivé Lettem”What I Became -, shall we?

Well, The Fallen “Mivé Lettem” show us a Modern Heavy Metal approach. As I said before, there is a diffenrence between Modern Metal and Modern Heavy Metal. In “Mivé Lettem” the band gave some new modern features to Old School Metal in order to update it. I have nothing against that. To be real frank, that pleases me a lot. What I don’t like is to turn Metal into something beyond recognition. The Fallen didn’t do that. “Mivé Lettem” has a good balance of both. Balance here is the word. When we listen the intro of “Báb” the impression that it gets is that one of a good balance. Of course, as I always say, there is another great attraction that is the female vocals of Dorottya Lehelvári-Varga, who has a powerful and enchanting voice.

Some tracks as “Álmomban” have a certain punk accent in the rhythm and cadence and even in the guitar solo. I guess that the tone a bit down with dirty guitars gave me this impression as well. The effect altoguether is good, but sometimes the guitars vanish specially in the stronger tempos when they should be striking. Also, there are times that Dorottya Lehelvári-Varga’s voice seems a little off tune and tempo, but I guess that’s the main idea. Well, they’re options a band does. 

The Fallen “Mivé Lettem” is a good album, if you ask me even the fan doesn’t like their style. I liked it.

The Fallen “Mivé Lettem” was released in May via Artisjus.

Track Listing:

  1. Báb
  2. Álmomban
  3. Mivé Lettem
  4. Átkozott
  5. Nem Vagy Egyedül
  6. Vámpír
  7. Sátántangó

Watch “Mivé Lettem” official video here: