The Satanic Temple Demands ‘In Satan We Trust’ To Appear On New Mississippi State Flag

Baphomet Statue

Following a recent Mississippi Legislature vote to remove the Confederate emblem from their state flag, a new design including “In God We Trust” has been proposed — which is not pleasing to The Satanic Temple.

The Satanic Temple has issued a following statement  once again asking for equal representation: “Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch and other elected officials have advocated for adding, ‘In God We Trust’ to [the] Mississippi flag as a replacement for the Confederate battle emblem.

Fitch said, ‘The addition of ‘In God We Trust’ … is the perfect way to demonstrate who we are.’ The Satanic Temple responded to this proposal by sending a letter to Fitch, noting that while removing the Confederate emblem is a positive step, the proposal shifts exclusion of one group to another. However, if the updated Mississippi flag must include a religious phrase, it should be ‘In Satan We Trust.’

“TST reasoned that our values, as expressed by our Seven Tenets, are more consistent with the Mississippian mission,” statement continues. “We informed the Attorney General that we would pursue legal action if Mississippi insists on placing an exclusionary religious phrase on its flag.”