The Spirit – Cosmic Terror

Don’t mess with success is what I have to say about The Spirit “Cosmic Terror.” I guess it is fair to say that about the album and the band because I wasn’t able to find a lot of differences between this album and “Sounds of the Vortex”. The Spirit were our review subject almost three years ago with their album “Sounds of the Vortex” which in the occasion I said to be an album of guitars. I do reinforce that here. “Cosmic Terror” is also an album of guitars, and very well-played guitars, I must say. It doesn’t go too far from “Sounds of the Vortex” in essence and final outcome. The lyrical content, though, changed a bit. “Cosmic Terror” is more down-to-earth and less ethereal. The spirits that haunted “Sounds of the Vortex” are more human now. The worries are more human as well. It seems The Spirit like got aware of all the horror humankind has been afliting to this sad, lonely, and pathetic planet. It’s what tracks as “Repugnant Human Scum” reveal us. The other tracks deal with existence, that old human worry that gets even more worried. They are “The Path of Solitude” and “The Wide Emptiness.” Both have lots to say about human existence and how life is getting more and more meaningless. The Spirit nail it while covering these subjects and proving that Metal is concerned about life itself.

The intersting thing is that when the fan reads that this album is an album of guitars the immediate thought is that The Spirit is some kind of technical band whatsoever. As a matter of fact they aren’t. The Spirit are a band that care much with instrumentals. A proof is the title track “Cosmic Terror” which in fact is instrumental with more than six minutes long.

A fun fact about The Spirit is that after we reviewed their album “Sounds of the Vortex” which was released by an independent record company, they signed with Nuclear Blast Records and had their album reissued. Of course, very well deserved.

The Spirit “Cosmic Terror” will be released on February 07th via AOP Records.

Track Listing:

  1.  Serpent as Time Reveals
  2. Strive for Salvation
  3. Repugnant Human Scum
  4. The Path of Solitude
  5. Pillars of Doom
  6. The Wide Emptiness
  7. Cosmic Terror

Watch “Serpent as Time Reveals” official video here: