The Spirit – Sounds From The Vortex

“Sounds From The Vortex” is an album of guitars. It’s not like a solo album from a famous, and self-centered egocentric, guitarist. “Sounds From The Vortex” is an effort where the guitar is proheminent. One must ask: Aren’t all metal albums guitar-driven? The answer is both a yes and a no. Of course Metal is guitar-driven musical style, but the guitar not always take the lead. It’s not usual, but it happens. I’ve reviewed some afforts here that weren’t guitar-driven. I mean, sometimes the guitars are only there. Songs weren’t written to make the guitars shine. It’s not what happens to The Spirit “Sounds From The Vortex.” Guitars take the lead in all songs. They are solid, robust, energetic, and vigorous.

Besides inflicting modern techniques to songs, The Spirit stands out with lots of full chorded riffs in order to give them more power and strength. Songs in “Sounds From The Vortex” are kind of full of long instrumental passages and guitar bridges. That’s The Spirit’s stapple, I have no doubt about it. So, if a band choose to have an instrumental focus in its effort, it’s better be good, isn’t it? Yeah, right! “Sounds From The Vortex” is a very creative album. Both guitarists use different techniques and approach to improve whatever they’re playing. And the outcome can’t be other then magnificent. “Sounds From The Vortex” is an album that will please the most relentless black metal fan.

But don’t get me wrong. “Sounds From The Vortex” is not an album only for guitar fans. It’s much more than that. The Spirit are a band that also care a lot about lyrics thematic. Bands are looking for new themes for songs, and The Spirit got their niche in writing about the void. It’s not only the underworld, but the spiritual underworld that lies in the space. It’s the threshold, where spirits go in the afterlife. Not necessarily down on earth. Somewhere over the rainbow.

“Sounds From The Vortex” is the soundtrack to the spirits that are lost in the threshold. And The Spirit got it well.

Track Listing:

  1. Sounds from the Vortex
  2. Cosmic Fear
  3. The Clouds of Damnation
  4. Cross the Bridge to Eternity
  5. Illuminate the Night Sky
  6. The Great Mortality
  7. Fields of the Unknown

The Spirit “Sounds From The Vortex” will ascend on October 13th via Eternal Echoes.

Watch “The Clouds Of Damnation” official video here: