These Are The Eight Loudest Bands Of All Time

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A website called Get Licensed launched an infographic documenting the loudest bands of all time. They compiled the data based on “the loudest events ever recorded on a Decibel meter,”

The list of course also includes band performances, with No. 1 on the entire list belonging to a heavy metal act.

You can check out the musical part of the list below, consult the source for the whole thing.

8. Deep Purple – 117 dB in 1972 at the Rainbow Theatre, London

“The volume of this gig rendered three people unconscious and briefly gave Deep Purple the Guinness World record for Loudest Live Performance.”

7. The Who – 126 dB in 1976 at The Valley (Charlton Athletic FC), London

“The hearing of The Who’s Pete Townshend is now permanently damaged from gigs like this, almost ending his live career at one point.”

4. (tie) Led Zeppelin – 130 dB in 1970 at the Honolulu International Centre, Hawaii

“This peak was hit during the song ‘Heartbreaker.’ Other fan favorite, ‘Whole Lotta Love,’ was also known for being particularly loud.”

4. (tie) AC/DC – 130 dB in 1980 at the Northlands Coliseum in Edmonton

“The peak volume of the first ‘Back in Black Tour’ concerts. They were soon told to turn down for the rest of the tour, and they complied – a little.”

4. (tie) Motorhead – 130 dB in 1986 at the Cleveland Variety Theatre, Ohio

“Cracks formed in the ceiling and the power was cut. This led to a judge ordering the venue to be sealed off as a matter of public safety.”

3. KISS – 136 dB at 2009’s Bluesfest in Ottawa

“The limit the festival had set for them was 90dB, meaning they peaked at 46dB over the limit. Officials quickly forced them to turn it down.”

2. Leftfield – 137 dB during 1996’s gig at the Brixton Academy in London, UK

“The volume caused plaster to fall from the ceiling. This happened again when they played there in 2010. The only House/Electronica act on this list.”

1. Manowar – 139 dB at 2008’s Magic Circle Fest in Germany

“Manowar previously hit 129.5dB at a 1984 Hanover concert, giving them the last Guinness World Record for Loudest Live Performance before the award was stopped, fearing it promoted hearing loss.”