Tiavara – Delusional Tales of Grand Intentions

Tiavara “Delusional Tales of Grand Intentions” is an effort of great intentions. Nah, sorry, I try to avoid puns, but sometimes I really cannot. I mean no disrespect at all. Just trying to give some colors in this dark Metal world.

Well, first of all, Tiavara starts pretty well with the title, hum? The one we do not see everyday. And a big truth. Tiavara are a band whose predilection for the so-called modern metal or, the modern version of what we used to call backwords, heavy pop appears mostly. Tiavara manage to add a touch of personality by adding some oriental instrumentals. As their peers, guitars have big tones, but no solos at all, and sometimes no riffing.  This appearent predilection goes throughout “Delusional Tales of Grand Intentions.” But make no mistake. As master Marx tought us, we have to look beyond appearance. And my feeling about Tiavara is that besides all their oriental touch and big vocals, there are guitars that in a sudden can burst into long solos. You feel a hidden desire in some songs to burst into long solos, but they hold it.

Songs like “Faces,” if you take the modern arragements out, would be a very piece of traditional Metal. There are some riffing and some guitar work that get a little hidden. It is there where we feel the guitar urges to burst. But the most appearent drive to Tiavara’s own personal sonance are the vocals. Big, well-tuned, thick and hot, Tiavara’s vocalist follows Metal tradition of great singers.  Singers that are not afraid of going further in their vocal abilities. In “Serenade of a Leech” he goes the higher he can. He sings using some oriental singing techniques, that is why sometimes it feels a bit awkward. As I told before, Tiavara are a band of grand intentions. These vocal techniques fit perfectly with the ethereal world lyricism contained in their lyrics. The ethereal is a great inspiration to Tiavara’s lyrics. BTW, great cover art.

Tiavara “Delusional Tales of Grand Intentions” will hit the skies on April 27th.

Track Listing:

  1. The Empty Skies
  2. Faces
  3. Serenade of a Leech
  4. When Silence Reigns
  5. Among the Stars
  6. Celestial Dance
  7. Not a hero

Watch “Haunting Past” video here: