TOM MCKAY’s ‘Call to the Dæmon Sultan’

TOM MCKAY delves into the realms of idolism, isolation, mental illness, existentialism with his new album “Call To The Dæmon Sultan.” His heaviest release so far, the new album also features special guests NATHAN GROSS and LINDSAY SCHOOLCRAFT.

“I’ve been meaning to put together a collection of songs for some time, but up until now have never had enough material I was proud of to do so. Now, after a year of writing, recording and writing again, my debut EP has brought forth the heaviest songs I’ve ever written, both musically and emotionally. Allow me to take you on a deep dive into how I view the world and myself through 3 songs of teeth cutting vocals, playful riffs and melodies, and soaring orchestral work. He awaits at the edge of time, for the Dæmon Sultan is benign, but ever present”

From the dramatic orchestration of “Call To The Dæmon Sultan” to the demonic heaviness of “The Benighted One,” the record delivers an array of dramatic soundscapes. The ethereal qualities interweave among the metal instrumentation enhancing the overall sound with powerful impact. TOM’s clean and harsh vocals complement the numerous musical styles throughout adapting aptly to the mood of each track. LINDSAY’S vocals emerge to offer an extra dimension in the final track, enhancing the dynamic narrative themes.

“Call to the Dæmon Sultan” descends into the dark underworld but also offers a tantalising glimpse of light. Each track enters a different realm with its own distinctive atmosphere, while remaining cohesive as an overall listening experience.

Album Credits
Written/Programmed by: TOM MCKAY
Recorded by: TOM MCKAY
Mixed/Mastered: TOM MCKAY

Special Guests:
NATHAN GROSS (orchestra on title track “Call To The Dæmon Sultan”)
LINDSAY SCHOOLCRAFT (featured vocals “The Benighted One”)

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