Tomb of Giants – Legacy of the Sword Review

Every frozen corpse on Mt. Everest was once a highly motivated person who was taken his/her comfort zone. No, this sentence isn’t mine but I do believe in it with all my heart. This motivational blah-blah-blah takes me out of myself. I can’t stand it. I don’t believe in change for changes’ sake. Things do change, of course. But everything has a natural course. Forced changes most times deliver a disaster. Tomb of Giants “Legacy of the Sword’s” takes me to a place of comfort, the so-called comfort zone and I have absolutely no shame of telling it. I just love my musical comfort zone that is the Old School Heavy Metal my dear child of the night will find here in “Legacy of the Sword” whose tittle tells a lot. Yeah, it’s a sword and cape album with a Dio early years drive plus some Manowar as it would be expected. The album takes the term epic to another dimension, if you know what I mean. Generous doses of living emotion. Are you ready?

It’s so great to arrive home after a long and tiring day at work and have this wondrous album to put to play. The guitars simply talk to you in a language only metalheads are able to speak. The album is passionate from the beginning with tittle track “Legacy of the Sword” pounding drumming and living guitar licks. The tracks goes smooth with a ferocious thick guitar riff until it finds Sergio Cisternino’s ecletic vocals. It’s right there that the guitars commence to talk to my dear fan. They are present all time being rude and cruel at the same time they are sweet and gentle. That’s the way of the knights. The guitar duo Oliver Nienhüser and Yannik Moszynski does everything possible to get the fans attention by varying technique and sound. The duo has also the habit of having amazing guitar solo duels in most of the tracks, a thing that I absolutely love. Some will say the album is full of clichés. Yeah, right, but I’d rather listen to all these clichés. Really.

From head to toe “Legacy of the Sword” delivers all kinds of emotions and that’s the best part of it. The catchy and highly addictive chorus of “Ad Victoriam” is really something to be proud of. Again the guitars talk to the fan to suddenly burst in another guitar duel. Passionate. Enthusiast. Lively. A remarkable album in all senses. As we’re talking about guitar duos and talks go right to “Time for Metal” and have an astonishing a la Accept conversation.

P.S.: Curiously, their logo remind me of “Land of the Lost” TV show. Don’t ask me…

Track Listing:

  1. Legacy of the Sword
  2. Ad Victoriam
  3. Time for Metal
  4. Railgunner
  5. Soulstealer
  6. Berserk
  7. Dosenbier

Watch “Soulstealer” official music video here: