Triangle B. – Memoria

a1290636281_10  I’ve never really been one for experimental metal as a lot of times bands will just throw in a whole bunch of f**king electronic effects into the mix, create weird and off beat rhythms, and then try to break new ground with their music when all their doing is making a mess. So I wasn’t exactly excited to listen to Triangle B.’s latest album, “Memoria”, in fear of those three things, but I still like to take my chances and it happened to work out for the better with this album. Having just a little bit of added effects, “Memoria” is one of the better constructed experimental albums that I’ve come across as it has real form, a good rhythm overall, and vocals that actually work with the music rather than sounding completely out of place and throwing everything off. Instead, everything slowly falls into place as the album goes on, and even though this isn’t my preferred type of metal I can definitely see Triangle B. growing on me if I were to continue listening to them. The intense vocals are what really do it for me. They just seem to be the absolute perfect match for the rest of the band that varies in terms of heaviness and tone which is always a cool thing to have as it adds plenty of variety to the music so that it doesn’t get too stale so quickly. And by the end of the album, Triangle B. show that they definitely thought outside the box with this album and have without a doubt made a good experimental album, but I feel like they can do something better because they are actually onto something with “Memoria” to the point where I believe any experimental fans can actually get into really quick, and make experimental fans out of many others.

You can listen to “Memoria” on Bandcamp here or via Spotify here, and you can stream the intro track via YouTube below.

Track Listing:

  1. Unhearable
  2. Lynch Law
  3. Sell Our Souls
  4. Hyperempatia
  5. AFR
  6. Royal Road
  7. Ephemera