TRIVIUM To Take A Break After Current Tour Cycle

Trivium 2020

Having established a notable presence in the metal music scene of the 21st century, TRIVIUM frontman Matt Heafy, known for his constant musical engagement on social media, recently disclosed in a conversation with EMP that the band plans to hit pause following the conclusion of their ongoing album tour.

Heafy said: “Normally we are always, we’re so open with everything — we show everything we do, we talk about everything — but the one thing we are always secretive about is the records. But this time I can say that we’re just going on a proper break this time. Because we’ve done 10 albums of ‘album-tour, album-tour.’

“This time, when this tour cycle ends, we’re gonna take a true break, and instead of working on music, we’re actually gonna work on building our hangar studio, so that way when it comes time to make records, we can do that again. But there are currently no plans for a new record. And I’m not being deceitful there. There’s no plans right now.”

TRIVIUM is currently touring to promote their 2021 album, In the Court of the Dragon. The European segment of their tour is nearing its conclusion, with the final show scheduled for September 7 in Southampton, England.