TRIVIUM’s PAOLO GREGOLETTO: ‘Nu-Metal, As A Whole, Was A Very Very Bad Genre’

Paolo Gregoletto

TRIVIUM bassist Paolo Gregoletto recently took to Twitter to express his strong dislike for the nu-metal genre, referring to it as “a very, very bad genre.”

This opinion seems to be in contrast to the views of ASKING ALEXANDRIA‘s Ben Bruce, who praised nu-metal as one of the best eras of metal and highlighted its versatility and iconic bands. Gregoletto‘s tweets sparked a polarizing discussion among fans, with some defending nu-metal as a significant genre that influenced subsequent music styles.

“Nu-metal, as a whole, was a very, very bad genre,” Paolo tweeted. “Once you get past the first layer or two of big bands that survived it gets very grim. Anyone saying otherwise is a sicko.”

“I think you could take pretty much any other genre of metal down to the local level and still be like, yeah that’s very good,” he continued. “[There was] hell s**t in the local scenes of 1999-2001.”