UNICEF Poland Rejects BEHEMOTH’s Donation Due To The Band’s ‘Message’

Behemoth Cvltvram

UNICEF Poland recently turned down a donation from BEHEMOTH, sparking controversy and widespread discussion. The band had started selling black teddy bears on their online store with the aim of donating the proceeds to UNICEF’s Polish division.

The intent was to aid children’s foundations, but UNICEF Poland refused the donation, citing the ‘nature of the messages’ associated with BEHEMOTH‘s products.

The band’s music, often filled with dark and Satanic imagery, was deemed incompatible with the values of UNICEF. This decision by UNICEF Poland led to disappointment and frustration in the band, which publicly expressed their dissatisfaction and sought suggestions for other foundations that would accept the donation.

The band shared an image of the email they received from UNICEF Poland on their Instagram account. Along with the photo, they provided additional information about the organization’s decision to decline their donation.

“Sooo about our charity action and giving the income form the teddies to @unicef @unicefpolska … I wanted to do so and participate in their ‘company with a heart’ action. Attached is the answer which I just got.

“Translated : ‘Thank you very much for your interest in our organization and your willingness to join the ‘Company with Heart’ program.
According to its regulations, each entity applying for participation in the program is subject to verification in terms of potential risks related to establishing cooperation. Unfortunately, we would like to inform you that due to the nature of the messages accompanying the products you sell, we cannot qualify you for participation in this particular Program.’

“Shame on you, @unicef @unicefpolska . I am totally speechless. Do you REALLY want to help the kids out there? Thankfully, there are some other foundations which will accept the money for children. Legions, can you suggest any?”