URBAN INSTINKT Releases New Song ‘Let’s Fight’

Urban Instinkt Lets Fight

Tuzla’s hardcore ambassadors, URBAN INSTINKT, have released a new song with a lyric video, aptly named “Let’s Fight.”

The band’s frontman, Mirza Cardzic, spoke a little about URBAN INSTINKT‘s new offering, saying: “We made a song that sonically and lyrically calls for people not to be just silent observers of everything that’s happening around them but to finally speak up. In a world where chauvinism, nationalism, and racism are constantly on the rise, remaining silent is just not an option anymore. It’s time to point the finger at, and loudly call out, everything and everyone responsible for the state our world is in.

“It’s time to act, and this song is meant to motivate people to get moving. Because people nowadays are convinced that they’re powerless, that their voices can’t be heard, and I think that’s the worst mistake we make. If each one of us does something good, fixes any instance of injustice daily, in time, things WILL get better!”

The song was recorded in Cirith Ungol studio in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with producer Drazen Kecman. The lyric video was done by lyric video/fx artist @sarrowarseam.

The song “Let’s Fight” was recorded by:

– Mirza Cardzic: Lead vocals and bass guitar

– Mirza Halilagic Mita: Lead guitar

– Ivan Nikic: Rhythm guitar

– Sead Hadzic Sejo: Drums

– Zoran Grbic Zoka: Backing vocals