VARG VIKERNES Unveils Unheard Techno Music Recordings He Made: This Is What I Listened To Before Making BURZUM Music

BURZUM mastermind Varg Vikernes recently unveiled his previously-unheard recordings of techno music, explaining how the genre played an important role in his musical journey.

The musician noted:

“Yes… this is Burzum (from 1994). This is the type of music I usually listened to before I made my ‘metal’ music for Burzum.

“I went to an underground techno club, and stood there for hours, in the night, just listening, and building up ‘inspiration.’ Then I went home, ‘elevated by the music,’ and made my own music.

“Put on repeat, turn up the volume, and enter the ‘zone of inspiration.’ No drugs! Only music needed!”

Varg also added:

“This was just me experimenting with music (in the last millennium). I never claimed it was any good. Or original. Or anything.”

You can check out the clip below.