Visigoth – Conqueror’s Oath

With the departure of heavy metal greats like Black Sabbath and Manowar (to only name two) either having already passed or in progress, there’s been a big hole left in the hearts of many heavy metal fans alike who fell in love with the classic style.

But like many things, as the old go out with a bang the new comes in with a point to prove. Bands like Visigoth have emerged onto the scene to help carry the torch of classic heavy metal, and with their debut album Visigoth showed they definitely had the power, but could they maintain it? Their sophomore record had a lot to prove, and with “Conqueror’s Oath” these Salt Lake City natives show they are naught but the real f**king deal!

Not holding back with any of the eight tracks that “Conqueror’s Oath” presents like sharpened swords ready for battle, Visigoth shows what they’re really made of with this album and it’s everything we could’ve hoped for from a modern up-and-coming heavy metal band. We’re given tantalizing anthems, terrific musicianship, a stunning understanding of what it means to make a great record of the genre, and an unparalleled sense of fun that not enough bands manage to incorporate, but Visigoth does it virtually perfect.

Even though “Conqueror’s Oath” is only the second full-length that we’ve seen from Visigoth, these Americans show an absolute mastery over their craft in every form. The album is a clear achievement of modern heavy metal as it’s something we rarely see anymore nowadays, and if Visigoth shows anything with this record it’s that they will easily carry on the torch and keep the flame of original heavy metal burning bright! “Conqueror’s Oath” is the kind of album to set you out through its peaks and valley whilst clad in steel with a silver sword, ready to fight for the glory of metal! And by the end of it you’ll only want to be charging back into battle chanting with Visigoth all the while.

“Conqueror’s Oath” releases on February 9th via Metal Blade Records! You can pre-order the album via iTunes here and check out songs on Bandcamp here.

Track Listing:

  1. Steel and Silver
  2. Warrior Queen
  3. Outlive Them All
  4. Hammerforged
  5. Traitor’s Gate
  6. Salt City
  7. Blades in the Night
  8. The Conqueror’s Oath