WALLOWING Have A ‘Planet Loss’

Rabid and feral, Wallowing‘s brand of sci-fi themed blackened sludge/grindcore/noise wastes no time. Utilizing a single, 32 minute piece of music split between six sub-tracks, ‘Planet Loss’ covers such issues as the current political climate, the effects it has on the planet and its inhabitants(‘Earthless’); racism, homophobia, and discrimination as a whole (‘Phosgene’); being born into a failing system (‘Hail Creation’) and mental illness as well as the stigma around such issues (‘Vessel’).

Wallowing provide a self-aware perspective, all carefully crafted within an epic story of a small rebellion fighting its last battle against a ruling oppressive regime only to result in the end of civilization due to both parties own ignorance. Providing an immersive soundscape, ‘Planet Loss’ is self-described by Wallowing as “if crusties wrote 2112. ”‘Planet Loss’ was recorded, mixed and mastered by Wayne Adams at Bear Bites Horse Studios (Torpor, Pet Brick, Opium Lord, Watchcries) during April 2019 with the cover artwork created by Luke Oram in 2017.

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