Wallowing – Planet Loss

The darkest of Metal spirit at its wildest. That’s Wallowing with “Planet Loss” have to offer to the most feral Metal fan. There are no vocals in its right word; is about thirty minutes of growling, barking, yelling or anything else the most brutal Metal fan could ever imagine. Well, I guess they could’ve, I couldn’t.

“Planet Loss” subverts. Well, to begin with, that should be mandatory to all Metal bands in this sad, lonely, and pathetic planet. Metal music should never be conformist or any kind of conventional standards for anything. Metal is here to subvert, to be wild, to dare. “Planet Loss” is kinky as all acts made perfectbly for abuse. Wallowing recreate Metal in their own way making a lot of noise and distortion and undistinguishable murmuring and mumbling. A masterpiece of its own.

The torture – for most – starts with “Earthless” where Wallowing show evererything they got. It’s a hue and cry full of guitar dissonances and microphonies. Well, the guitar yells as well. If there will be a soundtrack for the end of the world, please, be sure to invite Wallowing  to write it. I guess no Metal band can be the darkest. Nothing could be more perfect. In some weird way Wallowing  follow a Doom Metal band steps, but as I said, it’s weird. Wallowing  subvert all existing rules of making Metal music. Did I mention how healthy this is? I guess I did, bit I shall say that again and again. There is no commom – or safe – ground in any of the six tracks “Planet Loss” is about. Of course, there are some moments of sanity, but who cares for them? The great things of “Planet Loss” are the off the box stuff.

I won’t recommend “Planet Loss” to the narrow minded. It might make some real damage to them. If you are into the rebellion, please, be my guest and try this one. You won’t regret it.

Wallowing “Planet Loss” will be released on September 13th via Sludgelord Records & Black Voodoo Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Prologue
  2. Earthless
  3. Phosgene
  4. Hail Creation
  5. Vessel
  6. Epilogue

Watch “Planet Loss” trailer here: