Watain – Die in Fire – Live in Hell Review

Live albums are the great opportunity to check if a Metal band has it or not. It’s the epitome of the essence of Metal music in the form of an hour and a half of a musical mayhem. As Deena Weistein said in her book the concert is the place for a Metal band.  She defined the concert as the Metal epiphany. Quoting her “[f]rontstage is the realm of the audience, ruled by a sense of community, adherence to the codes of a valued subculture, and expressive-emotionl experience.” I guess no one has defined it better than she has. A Metal concert is where the band happens and shares its values in the form of music with its fans. Whomever has attended to a Metal concert sensed this feeling of community from the never ending lines with, sometimes, hours of an expectation – when it’s the first time to get to see a band – until the show really begins. Most 1980’s alive videos used to show fans waiting in line or evertyhing they used to do before the concert.

Well, here we’ve got one of the most expected albums of this 2023 anno domini. Watain with “Die in Fire – Live in Hell” is the representation of a Black Metal band at its best. It’s fair to say Watain have had a big exposure – for the best and for the worst – during the last few years. As we’re talking about a Black Metal band, this exposure meant not only music, but all kinds of off-music controversies. Black Metal isn’t only the music. It’s the image, it’s the attitude, it’s all things together. So, an alive album is a natural step to crown this era in the band’s career.

Musicwise “Die in Fire – Live in Hell” is everything the fan expects from a Black Metal band alive album. It’s a musical carnage, it’s the massacre everyone expects with a very important pro which is the amazing quality of the sound. The album’s production makes possible to listen all the instruments with no effort. This, of course, values a lot the musicians and, why not, the audience as well. Album warmer “Ecstasies in Night Infinite” receives a 1970’s special concert opening with all the guitar feedbacks and the drums fillings. It’s like a song finishing but all the way around. I love this effect. It’s interesting how Watain balance the songs in the album starting with all the fury to slow down a little with “Serimosa,” to then step back with the slow and moody “Not Sun Nor Man Nor God” which works as a bridge to striking “Before the Cataclysm” to make all hell break loose. As the grand finale the band chose the great “Malfeitor” with its 12 minute bloodbath. I guess there wouldn’t be a better ending to an album that delivered so much.

My dear child of the night may listen to “Die in Fire – Live in Hell” with no surprises. The album is everything the fans, and of course, the band expected from an alive album. It is an alive portrait of a band that lives its best moment of the career. The best thing is that Watain didn’t leave all the rage and fury the band is known behind. By the way, never late to say the album is to celebrate Watain’s 25th anniversary.

Watain “Die in Fire – Live in Hell” will be released on November 03rd via Nuclear Blast Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Ecstasies in Night Infinite (Live in Stockholm, 2022)
  2. Black Salvation (Live in Stockholm, 2022)
  3. The Howling (Live in Stockholm, 2022)
  4. Black Flames March (Live in Stockholm, 2022)
  5. Reaping Death (Live in Stockholm, 2022)
  6. Devil’s Blood (Live in Stockholm, 2022)
  7. Serimosa (Live in Stockholm, 2022)
  8. Not Sun nor Man nor God (Live in Stockholm, 2022)
  9. Before the Cataclysm (Live in Stockholm, 2022)
  10. The Return of Darkness and Evil (Live in Stockholm, 2022)
  11. Nuclear Alchemy (Live in Stockholm, 2022)
  12. Malfeitor (Live in Stockholm, 2022)

Watch “Before the Cataclysm” official alive music video here: