WE ARE THE CATALYST Releases New Single ‘Ashes’

We Are The Catalyst Ashes

Swedish Futuristic Rock act WE ARE THE CATALYST has released their new single “Ashes,” a heavily cinematic song taking place on a post-apocalyptic earth ravaged by a too hot sun and roamed by scavengers struggling to survive in a harsh desert environment – a universe that is reminiscent of the movie “Dune” mixed with a bit of Mad Max. Having a constant ominous tone as well as explosive heavy beating electronics, it mixes well with the Rock and Metal style underlining the desperate feel, while also creating something truly unique.

On their yet untitled upcoming album, the band is intertwining the classic WE ARE THE CATALYST sound with cinematic soundscapes that transport listeners straight into post-apocalyptic desolation, cyberpunk streets, dying stars, augmented humans, and ancient alien ruins. Songs that could easily fit into movie universes like Blade Runner, Interstellar, Dune and Prometheus, as well as game universes such as Cyberpunk 2077, Control, Deus Ex, and Mass Effect.