WINTERSUN Offers New Album Update: ‘Best Sounding WINTERSUN Album Easily’

Photo credit: Onni Wiljami Kinnunen
Photo credit: Onni Wiljami Kinnunen

Finnish epic metallers WINTERSUN have offered an update on their fourth studio in a new Facebook post.

Band reveals: “Since the summer of 2020 Jari [Mäenpää] finished building his new semi-studio and DAW setup and he has been working tirelessly on new music. On the last update Jari mentioned that he has four new albums in the works and he is working on all of them at the same time until one of them will start taking the lead. Well one of them has… Jari has been focusing on one of these albums and it looks strongly that this album will be the next one!

“The album structure, the riffs, melodies, basic drums beats… the ‘skeleton’ so to speak is about 75% done. Also the lyrics are about 75% done. All the songs have names and the album has a really cool title and a concept. There’s a Wision also for the album cover! In other words the album already has a very strong identity. In general we might say that the whole album is about 50% done or close to it. The album is massive as well, so there will be a LOT of new music released at once. This will be the biggest WINTERSUN album launch ever!

“There is still a lot to be done though… Finishing drum arrangements, vocal arrangements, solos etc. and then recording it all. And of course mixing and mastering, although it is very close being already mixed and mastered and it sounds huge! Best sounding WINTERSUN album easily! Composing and arranging the synths and orchestrations are always the hardest part, especially dealing with the lack of computer power. The songs have been built now to a point that the computer’s CPU screams and spikes 99% all the time in all the song projects (with the highest buffer). So working on the album will get more difficult going forward. Jari can’t work freely in realtime anymore and cannot add any more instruments without having to bounce or freeze tracks back and forth repeatedly, which makes the process much slower.

“In the meantime please stay patient, it’s been only just roughly 9 months of album making and very good progress has been made in that time. Which wouldn’t have been even possible without our great crowdfunders and everyone who has supported WINTERSUN in any way throughout the years, which has enabled Jari to build his new ‘semi-studio’ to speed up the process. The Forest Seasons album was actually made in just 9 months from start to finish, but this new album is a whole different BEAST! It is once again way more bigger project. It’s not as big and insane as the TIME albums are, but it’s very close up there. We will continue to fight this battle so throw some encouragement and positivity in our direction!

“We hope you guys appreciate this news as we appreciate you! Let’s make things more positive as there are a lot of good things to look forward to! Have a nice week and stay tuned for the videos coming shortly! And remember to subscribe to our Youtube channels! Thank you.”

WINTERSUN has also revealed some changes to their Patreon videos, most notably that videos uploaded to their Patreons will from now on be available on their YouTube channel as well for free.

WINTERSUN‘s latest album, The Forest Seasons, was released in July 2017 via Nuclear Blast. The band cited Antonio Vivaldi’s violin concerto The Four Seasons as an inspiration for the album title.