Wisconsin Man Launches Beer Bottle At Bartender For Turning Off Black Sabbath In Favor Of Christmas Music

Christopher Hates Jingle Bells

According to NBC a Wisconsin man, Christopher Gamboeck, was arrested after hurling a beer bottle at the head of a bartender who turned off a BLACK SABBATH song in favor of a Christmas tune on Christmas eve. He was said to have left the  Farm Tavern Bar at 1701 Moorland Road after his uncle tried to calm him down and pointed him to the door, but not before toppling the bar’s Christmas tree breaking several delicate decorations.

A simple screaming of WTF would probably have done the trick. I am all in favor of getting shitfaced on any given holiday, but this dude just makes us look bad and belligerent. Maybe he had a bad day (which it looks like from the mug shot) but that’s no reason to act up and wreck shit. Please people, pick your battles and understand that shit like this reflects poorly on us as a community. Please think before you act or we will all be in a category with this stupid fuckstick inadvertently.

The full article can be seen here, and has been transcribed by Sportsmasher as follows

NBC A man in Madison, Wisconsin, was arrested after he threw a beer bottle at a bartender who changed music in the bar from Black Sabbath to a Christmas tune, according to police. Officers came to Farm Tavern Bar at 1701 Moorland Road just before 4 p.m. last Thursday over a report of a disturbance and determined the suspect left the bar, police said in a release posted Monday. An officer spoke to many patrons of the bar and identified the suspect as Christopher Gamboeck, calling him intoxicated and violent, according to police. The 33-year-old was upset because the bartender changed the music in the bar from Black Sabbath to Christmas music. Gamboeck “chugged his glass bottle of Budweiser beer, and slammed it down on the counter,” according to the release. He threw a bottle of beer in the direction of the female bartender’s head after he yelled expletives at her, the release stated. Other patrons in the bar prevented Gamboeck from going behind the counter as he circled the bar with his fists clenched, according to the release. His uncle eventually intervened and directed Gamboeck to the door. He left the bar, but pulled down a Christmas tree and broke several delicate ornaments, according to police. Police came to his residence and he rushed toward officers, the release said. He was threatened with a Taser before he was taken to custody. He said gender-based obscenities toward a female officer before he was taken to Dane County Jail. Gamboeck is facing disorderly conduct and criminal damage to property charges. His attorney information wasn’t immediately available.