WWE Superstar RANDY ORTON Receives Challenge From COREY TAYLOR

Corey Taylor Randy Orton

Corey Taylor, the lead vocalist of SLIPKNOT, has issued a challenge to WWE superstar Randy Orton via a humorous Instagram video.

While it would be exciting to see the two go head-to-head in a wrestling match, the challenge is purely for entertainment purposes.

Taylor has been sharing several videos on Instagram that showcase the playful moments that occur backstage during SLIPKNOT shows. Although the reason behind Taylor‘s challenge to Orton is unclear, he has previously been involved in an NXT match and is known to be a wrestling enthusiast.

In this particular video, Taylor says: “That’s right, I got something to tell you, Randy Orton. You think you’re gonna come and get this belt from me? You got another thing coming!”

“Do you think you’re going to come and get this belt from me?” he continues. “You got another thing coming!”

You can see the video below.