JIMMY PAGE Takes Part In SiriusXM Town Hall On Classic Vinyl (Video)


LED ZEPPELIN guitar legend Jimmy Page sat down with a group of SiriusXM subscribers and super fans for an intimate question-and-answer session at his SiriusXM Town Hall on Classic Vinyl. Check out video footage below.

Page publicized the release of his official photographic autobiography, “Jimmy Page By Jimmy Page”, by taking part in a question-and-answer session with Chris Cornell at L.A.’s Ace Hotel on November 12.

Page is prepping to hit the road in 2015, telling England’s The Week that he’s still hasn’t secured the band to take on tour. “I know people want to hear me play,” he said. “I want to hear me play, too… I’m really starting to get myself enthused and limbered up for putting something together… That for me is exactly how things should be. I want to surprise people. I’ll play everything, and some new music I’ve got. Next year is the time when I should be seen to be playing live.”

Page told The Pulse Of Radio that he knew from the beginning that the magic surrounding LED ZEPPELIN wouldn’t last forever. “I said, basically around the time of the first album, it’s all a race against time, and I think it is,” he said. “It still is. It still is a race against time and trying to do good work and improve on what you’ve done. It’s more difficult as you get older because you know your days are numbered, really. Within ZEPPELIN, we had this amazing vehicle that we could continue and continue and just come up with amazing things — which fortunately we did continue, and we did come up with amazing stuff. But I still thought it was a race against time. I had no idea how prophetic it would be with the loss of John Bonham.”


Source: Blabbermouth