1914 – Eschatology of War

a0357196273_10 We all know about how Sabaton have their very known war themed power metal that I personally think is great and maybe other people seem to agree with me, but what if things were kicked up a notch? What if someone replaced the power metal with uncompromising blackened death metal that is as dangerous as napalm itself? 1914 seemed to have had the same thought and decided to take action themselves to make such a thing a reality, and godd*mn is the result something that I can only describe as spot f*cking on! “Eschatology of War” is a 10-track piece of intensity with a WWI theme to it that fits ever so well, if I do say so myself. The music is as explosive as any grenade, and every song captures the brutality of the war along with all the death and extreme casualties of it to such a degree that you’d think 1914 had been making albums for years. But no, “Eschatology of War” is but a humble debut album that showcases real potential for a niche group to gather people who wanted something they didn’t even know they wanted. I know I didn’t wake up this morning and go, “godd*mn do I want some band out there to do some WWI themed blackened death, that’d make my day!” Yet here I am, blathering to you and wanting nothing but more from 1914, and I got that from the second track alone and I can almost guarantee you that the same will happen for you. I know this band has no plans to sit down for long as I believe a follow up to “Eschatology of War” is already in the making, but I implore you to investigate 1914 because it’s like I said: it’s something you didn’t know you wanted. And if that’s not a welcome surprise then I don’t know what is. Immensely entertaining and brutality out the a—s with no survivors in sight is something that is implied with 1914, and they’ve got both the attitude and the talent to pull it off over and over again.

You can stream “Eschatology of War” on Bandcamp here.

Track Listing:

  1. War In
  2. Gasmask
  3. Frozen in Trenches
  4. Verdun
  5. Caught in the Crossfire
  6. Zeppelin Raids
  7. Ottoman Rise
  8. Arditi
  9. Battlefield
  10. War Out
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