A Clarification On Certain Genres Of Heavy Metal

Tom Araya Slayer

By: Sean McCleary.

Slayer has always been one of my favorite bands. Some people have had a misconception about music like they play. Slayer sings about some very powerful topics that deal with a lot of fear in World Consciousness. These topics exist here because of Earth’s environment and the location of planet Earth within Universal Consciousness.

Earth is located in a region of time and space that is 13.51 billion years old. The universe was introduced 13.8 billion years ago and very powerful evolutionary activity took place in this location. Slayer and other similar bands to them have been called “devil music” which is not the case. The devil is represented by Lucifer and Satan and they are beings that are very far away in existence.

There is a consciousness and energy contained in, around and underneath planet Earth associated with the devil that developed through the transfer of consciousness and energy by human beings from religion. Human beings have not understood the devils consciousness and because of what was written in the Bible people have thought the devil influenced others and existed underneath Earth in some form. This is not the case.

Evil has existed in, around and underneath Earth due to a very powerful form of resistance that occurred when the universe was introduced. When the universe was under evolutionary formation a very powerful level of resistance took place that came from the fear associated with the uncertainty of change.

Evil represents an extremely powerful resistance to the evolution of consciousness and this has been contained on a global level due to certain activity. This type of evil is associated with death; Lucifer and Satan are not, they are associated with the suffering of consciousness. What has been contained in, around and underneath Earth has been much more powerful than those two; but it was not that consciousness’s fault that the resistance occurred; it was only due to a very powerful change in evolution.. Evil is associated with hatred and sorrow.

These are the two primary elements that constitute evil. What Slayer and other music like them has done is helped this consciousness evolve here on Earth. This consciousness needed to have the hatred expelled from the energy so spiritual evolutionary development can take place here. This is why the Shift in Consciousness is evolving here now; which constitutes Earth’s spiritual development.

The Shift in Consciousness means that Earth is evolving as a whole and life will advance here forever. This also means that a very powerful understanding of existence will be achieved here and suffering will be eliminated permanently.

This happens through the course of evolutionary development here first because Earth is a living organism with a consciousness that needs to be evolved before life on Earth is introduced to the change. The change is known as the Apocalypse. Apocalypse is Greek and means a revealing of knowledge and a transition into a heavenly state; and this is exactly what occurs. When people listen to Slayer and other bands like them it is usually a very powerful experience which bring enjoyment and excitement to the consciousness. Slayer and other similar bands are very popular and have brought millions of people together with their music. Evil does not bring people together with enjoyment and excitement.

Evil separates consciousness; not brings consciousness together. Hell is a form of suffering in consciousness which happens in different degrees. There are acts of evil that human beings commit against each other everyday. This consciousness and energy transfers into Earth and becomes a part of World Consciousness.

When Slayer and other similar bands play music like they do and sing about different subject matter that brings enjoyment and listening pleasure to people this helps to evolve that consciousness back into good that has been contained within World Consciousness. They have done just the opposite of what some people have perceived about their music.