Aegonia – The Forgotten Song

Metal is such a paradoxal genre full of controversies. I’d rather say full of dialecties in the way Marx would have said. As Deena Weinstein said on the 4th ISMMS Convention just the other day that Metal opposes to modernity. A band like Aegonia with “The Forgotten Song” just prove that with their music full of past and traditional references. Aegonia mix with a certain dextery Metal with folk references and instruments as the kaval – a traditional Bulgarian flute, some violins and angelical voices from vocalist Elitsa Stoyanova interweaven by some ogre voices that come from the depths of Nikolay Nikolov. So, “The Forgotten Song” is an album full of violins and flutes leading the way. But make no mistake, Aegonia triumph on having big fat guitars which give the needed heavyness to all twelve tracks.

There are songs as “With the Mists She Came” that have an ethereal mood which takes the fan to far distant places that may not belong to this sad and lonely world. The violin gives such a candid and sweet atmosphere to it that it is npratically impossible not to fly away. Elitsa Stoyanova’s voice helps a lot too creating this out-of-this-world tune. But the complex and the intricate also have their place in “The Forgotten Song” with “With the Mists She Came” which proves to be a a long-distance runner song because it goes in a good pace until the end of its six-minute length.

Aegonia also go through an epic journey with “Battles Lost And Won” with that melodic punch that makes some metaheads burts into tears. Great and prominent bass lines too that give the song some more punch. “Battles Lost And Won” is a song where violins and distorted guitars create such an etherial mood that is again so diffiuclt not to fly away. “The Forgotten Song” is an album that makes you forget for some minutes all the pain and misery of this sad and lonely world. It’s full of beauty, but not the plastic beauty that the mainstream midia want us to believe in.

Aegonia “The Forgotten Song” was realesed in the beginning of 2019.

Track Listing:

  1. In the Lands of Aegonia
  2. Rain of Tears
  3. With the Mists She Comes
  4. Restless Minds
  5. Dreams Come to Me
  6. Battles Lost And Won
  7. The Offer
  8. The Stolen Song
  9. Gone
  10. The Severe Mountain
  11. A Bitter Fate
  12. The Ruins of Aegoni

Watch “The Maid and the Mountain” official video here: