AETHERIAL Release Ferocious Sophomore Album, ‘Nameless Horrrors’


Melbourne Death metal outfit AETHERIAL have unleashed upon the world, the incredibly dark and ravenous beast, their sophomore album Nameless Horrors with an accompanying video for the single “Indifference to Suffering.”

Characterised by hellish death vocals, fierce riffs interspersed with grim harmonies, blistering drums and captivating melodies.

The album is a collection of bewitching stories as experienced by the song writing duo, Shep Sheppard and Cassandra George. “It’s a reflection of our lives, events and observations that we’ve encountered over the past few years. It recounts journeys of loss and despair, truth seeking and a quest for answers in places most fear to look. The songs also offer a message of hope, that there is always a dawn to even the darkest night,” bassist Cassandra George says.

The video for the latest single was again shot and produced by AETHERIAL under the current restrictions in Melbourne.

On the single, “Indifference to Suffering,” George comments: “Though conjuring horrific imagery, the song is actually about getting to the root of your problems, no matter hard it is and to deal with them and then free yourself from their weight. You can’t simply just dismiss or burden someone else with them, their power will remain. It’s also important to never forget who and what caused them.”

The 8 track album was recorded by AETHERIAL in Melbourne, Australia then mixed in Canada by Asher Ally and finally, mastered by Ermin Hamodovic from Systematic Productions.

Nameless Horrors is available in digital format from all good online retailers and a limited run of CD’s is available from the band’s website. Also streaming on Youtube and Spotify.

Aetherial Nameless Horrors