AGRYPNIE To Release ‘Metamorphosis’ In July


Long before the well-known Avant-garde Black Metal institution NOCTE OBDUCTA parted ways, Torsten had originated AGRYPNIE — which was meant to be a solo project and refuge for his song ideas at first.

After the break up of NOCTE OBDUCTA and a split release with the German Death Metal outfit FATED, AGRYPNIE proved to have grown from a solo project to a serious band with their first full-length album F51.4. The album was released at the end of 2006 and managed to attract a considerable amount of listeners with its unique cold atmosphere.

After finishing the recordings for F51.4, Torsten started writing songs for the album’s successor Exit. With a fully functional line up including a real drummer, Exit sounded a lot more organic than the debut where Torsten had used a drum machine. With 16[485], the first album with an excessive playing time of more than one hour, AGRYPNIE managed to emphasize its special status.

After the forerunner Asche EP, AGRYPNIE again create their very own world and even step further. The mangum opus Aetas Cineris restages AGRYPNIE as a mature institution in the fields of modern black metal creating a remarkable sound: both aggressive and exceptionally ambitious at the same time.

The album Grenzgænger can be offhand entitled as their magnum opus. With a playing time of overall more than one hour AGRYPNIE have created a multifaceted cosmos of sound which drags the listener more and more towards the abyss. Enraged furiousness abruptly turns into disenchanting hopelessness and all boundaries of time and space seem to blur with every step you take towards infinity.

Now in 2021 and signed to AOP Records, AGRYPNIE is ready to release the new album Metamorphosis on July 30 and taking a step forward.

With the new drummer Flo (THEOTOXIN) and guests vocals from SCHAMMASCH, NEGATOR, THORMESIS and THE COLD ROOM the band delivered their most ambitious and most varied album.

First single from Metamorphosis, entitled “Wir Ertrunkenen,” can be heard below.

Agrypnie Metamorphosis