Angelic Desolation – Orchestronic Abortion Review

There are things that immeadiately call the eye about Angelic Desolation “Orchestronic Abortion.” First of them is the tittle of the album and its cover. What the hell is an orchestronic abortion? I don’t really have a clue. The second of them is the tittles of the tracks which deliver us some mockery or, at least, that healthy opposition to all things. Remember Metal music is the opposition of the opposition. Third is the cover with its apocalyptic chimps and monsters that causes some strangement to the fan. Musicwise the album flerts with Progressive Death Metal and some Grindcore.

To some extent, “Orchestronic Abortion” is a very interesting album due to the ambiguous intent I mentioned before. “AIDS Chimp Lab Attack” is a great example as the song has some chimp’s voices in it to make a point or a stand, I don’t really know. Its welcomes track “Brutus McMucus” is a pure sample of the musicianship of the band though its mocking tittle. Following track “Shake the Baby” delivers the Grindcore mood I mentioned before as its rapid fire drumming gives the tone as an influence of the 1980s Extreme Metal whose speed of light drumming was an important trait. Interestingly, the track is as intricate as others in the album. By the way, the intricate constructions here are a rule though the lack of guitar solos in the album. Even though most of the songs don’t have proper choruses “Dic Tater” is the one which has a very interesting one. Rare case of Death Metal song that the fan can singalong. And what to say of the intro of “Paco’s Satanic Taco Truck” which tries to be epic or what?

The combination Angelic Desolation do here is very interesting and somewhat dazzling. Instrumentally the band is flawless. That’s where the Progressive Death Metal lies. On the other hand, the themes and song tittles are provocative to say the least. Bottomline, an album that stands out from the crowd in many aspects. Totally worth the try.

Angelic Desolation “Orchestronic Abortion” was self-released in October.

Track Listing:

  1. Brutus McMucus
  2. Shake the Baby
  3. Pterrordactyl Mann
  4. Dic Tater
  5. Paco’s Satanic Taco Truck
  6. Barbaric Destroyer
  7. AIDS Chimp Lab Attack
  8. Forced Gender Reassignment

Watch “Paco’s Satanic Taco Truck” official lyric video: