Anno Diaboli – Morbid Dreams

Cover  Only black metal fans can understand when I say that this album is black metal 10,000% and as intense as symphonic black metal can get, and it’s fantastic.

Anno Diaboli’s “Morbid Dreams” is a brutal EP that absolutely just tears at your ears with its black metal that is hardcore in just about every single way it can be, and left someone like me who enjoys black metal literally clapping in approval.

This EP is definitely impressive for what it is and judging upon how well done it is, I can with complete confidence that whenever Anno Diaboli releases new material it will surely be something great.

The track, “Warmonger”, is available via YouTube below.

Track Listing:

  1. In the Mist
  2. Warmonger
  3. March of Howlers
  4. Lie Near My Throne
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