Antonio Giorgi – Eternal Metal Tales from the Twilight Zone Review

Just by the pompous and grand tittle “Eternal Metal Tales from the Twilight Zone” the fan will get the band, its mastermind Antonio Giorgio (I guess the name Kamelot might trigger his name), really means it. In fact, the album is a tribute to Metal music as its tittle may sugest. As an album of covers, and I have to add that it’s an album of covering the classics, but not of those largely known classics, Antonio Giorgio has chosen one of the logical paths when an artist decides to cover classics. His choice was to give them his own subtle contributions to them in the form of voice and overall tones. He doesn’t change the structures of any of the songs in the album, which would be a double-edged sword, it could end up great or it could end up a disaster. So, the safest, and I must say, most respectful, is to add little and subtle changes. The only thing I miss here is the name of the original bands for some I do know, but others I don’t. However, I’m aware that this isn’t the practice.

I’d rather talk about the songs I do know instead of talking about the ones I don’t because I think I can give a better contribution. As I said before, by these songs it’s possible to say Antonio Giorgio has given a very subtle contribution that is his voice and the overtones. Only that. He respected the structure of them all. I guess he chose songs that are from classic albums but aren’t that known as Dio’s “We Rock” or Judas Priest “Leather Rebel.” On the other hand, “Bark at the Moon” is an instant Ozzy Osborne’s classic from the eponymous album which, by the way, is the song that sounds more different than the original in terms of tones. The guitar here isn’t so explosive as the original. I mean, its sound is a little low contrasting to the original where it seems to be exploding at your side. Savatage’s “Edge of Thorns” may be the least known, however being the tittle track of an eponymous album. On the other hand, it’s the sweetest and most emotional track Savatage has ever recorded.

I guess that Antonio Giorgio’s choice of tracks was very fortunate because it gives the fan the chance to know tracks that aren’t that famous instead of the classics. The choice for tracks from bands not that known was fortunate as well for the same reasons. It’s an opportunity for the fan. I do remember when I was about to Metal and ran into cover albums or cover songs. It’s really an opportunoty to know bands that aren’t from your comfort zone. Also, his choice of covering more styles from Metal was very fortunate. Today’s Metal’s split into genres and subgenres may not provide the fan too many chances to know some songs.

Antonio Giorgio “Eternal Metal Tales from the Twilight Zone” was released via Epic Spirit /Andromeda Relix/ AUSR Digital.

Track Listing:

  1. The Evil that Men Do
  2. Into the Fire
  3. Bark at the Moon
  4. We Rock
  5. Fifth Angel
  6. When Death Calls
  7. Leather Rebel
  8. Save our Love
  9. Dark Reflections
  10. Edge of Thorns
  11. Wait for Sleep
  12. Point of View
  13. Brutal Planet (Feat.Claudia Beltrame)
  14. House on a Hill (Feat.Claudia Beltrame)
  15. Victory is Mine
  16. Master of the Wind

Watch “Edge of Thorns” official lyric video here: