Anvil – Impact Is Imminent Review

Here we have a legend. Behold my dear fan. Kneel before the Metal legends. Here come Anvil one of the most legendary Heavy Metal bands from all times. Show of hands the headbanger that watched “Anvil! The story of Anvil” who could let their eyes completely dry. Not even release a drop. Impossible, huh? It’s the kind of story that many of us know by heart because lived something near or similar. I did.

Ok. From the time I received the e-mail with the Anvil press package I started to write this review. Anvil are a band that is in my mind for some time. I remember to have read about a lot about them during my teens but I just heard the band in a cassete compilation in 1999. Yes, that famous cassete compilation I’m always talking about. Yeah, right. Well, the band has a long career and this “Impact Is Imminent” is their nineteenth release. Needless to say that Anvil are one of the most underrated bands of all times. More than Cirith Ungol, I guess. It is so Because they did taste the flavor of fame in the 1980s and had a really good reputation performing some very famous gigs all around this sad and linely and pathetic little world.

From where I’m standing, this album follows Anvil’s tradition of never recording the same album. “Impact Is Imminent” is very different from the albums I’ve heard. Not too many I have to say. Unfortunately. There are lots of rock’n’roll citations here as the full brass sections “Gomez” – Have I already said that I don’t like brass section nor saxophones? But whatever. This album has more varied tracks than the others I know of. Kick off track “Take a Lesson” has an Alice Cooper’s “Freedom” era taste from the beginning with a narrator introducing the band. Curious fact, the narrator is no one but Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters – a band that there is no way of me liking it, sorry. Ok, I happen to remember that this kind of introduction is more likely to Kiss but the song sounds much more Alice Cooper’s. Only Anvil could give their songs their acid and twisted personality to make them evil enough to be Metal. Perhaps “Impact Is Imminent” is their most rock’n’roll album. For instance, “Bad Side of Town” has a guitar solo that sounds a lot like “Born to Be Wild” made famous by Steppenwolf and a biker’s anthem. In here Steve “Lips” Kudlow’s voice gets so near to Alice’s. Check “Another Gun Fight” out to get to know what I’m telling you. I really don’t know why I do this kind of comparison but, you know, it’s educational. Another rock’n’roll citation is the instrumental “Teabag” with its guitar riffings. Does anybody hear a ‘Rooock’n’roll? I keep thinking if I am overreacting to say I think Anvil to sound like Alice Cooper. Maybe. But are Anvil sounding like Alice Cooper, yes they are indeed. I guess only “Fire Rain” sounds more old Anvil of all the album with its acid guitar riffings and speed.

Above all things Anvil are a band to be respected for their history. Against all odds they have always been loyal to what they believe. Juts to remember in 1981 the almighty Lemmy Kilmister asked Kudlow to play guitar for Motörhead, to replace the other legend “Fast” Eddie Clarke, but Kudlow declined. We’ve got to respect that.

Anvil “Impact Is Imminent” will be released on May 20th via AFM Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Take a Lesson
  2. Ghost Shadow
  3. Another Gun Fight
  4. Fire Rain
  5. Teabag
  6. Don’t Look Back
  7. Someone to Hate
  8. Bad Side of Town
  9. Wizard’s Wand
  10. Lockdown
  11. Explosive Energy
  12. The Rabbit Hole
  13. Shockwave
  14. Gomez

Watch official music video here: