Apostolica – Haeretica Ecclesia Review

It was the name of the band that called my attention to this album. I expected it to sound something as Apocalyptica or similar as the name is pretty damn alike. Needless to say that “Haeretica Ecclesia” isn’t remotely near the sonancy of any Apocalyptica release of or else. In fact, it’s pretty different. Apostalica are a Power metal band with some touches of Symphonic Metal without the soprano but with lots of keyboards and church organs. By the way, the thematic the band uses explores the religious universe of the Catholic church and some of its rituals and things. Well, explores is a matter of saying, the band critices it as it is natural and usual in the Metal music universe. But the music is good, very good. I won’t say it is new because it isn’t. However, to be new doesn’t give any guarantees to be good stuff, isn’t it? The fans of Power Symphonic Metal will love “Haeretica Ecclesia” and Apostolica I can tell.

The music in “Haeretica Ecclesia” is pretty energetic and somewhat emotional. Those are the features the band bet to make their way to the top. And from where I’m standing they do it pretty well. Apostalica really know how to use the instrumentals and vocals to show the emotion they want to deliver to the fan. Opening track “Sanctus Spiritus” starts with some enchanting in Latim and a grand guitar and keyboard riffing. The song is pretty fast and full of emotion. The chorus is strong and, on the other hand, makes the fan think for a while about the lyrics. The instrumental kind of remind me of other songs I heard here. Please, don’t ask me which one because I can’t remember. It’s also fair to say that the song is pretty contagious. The kind of song that makes the fan singalong and bang the heads at large. It’s impossible to say that Apostalica don’t know what they’re doing. The song is pretty contagious… ‘Santus spiritus, Dominus angelus,  Filium hominis, Paenetentiam’

This is the spirit – no pun intended here – in “Haeretica Ecclesia” at least in most of the tracks. “Haeretica Ecclesia” is the album that the fan can’t stand still. It’s impossible I have to say. Strong and singalong choruses, memorable riffings, powerful instrumentals and energetic vocals. Can it get any better?

Apostolica “Haeretica Ecclesia” will be released on September 17th via Scarlet Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Sanctus Spiritus
  2. The Sword of Sorrow
  3. Come with Us
  4. Thanatos
  5. Pollution Is My Name
  6. No More Place in Hell
  7. The Doom
  8. Famine
  9. The Dusk Is Coming
  10. Redemption

Watch “No More Place in Hell” official video here: