Arca Hadian – The Prophecy

cover (1) Power metal has been known to have a pace that is either slow and very melodic, or fast and very melodic. In most cases, one band would stick to one style of the two (ex.: Powerwolf usually sticks to faster pace), but some power metal bands are never afraid to do both and Arca Hadian is one such band and their new album “The Prophecy” shows that off wondrously. All 12 tracks off of “The Prophecy” have a great sound to it that any sort of power metal fan, like myself, can get into almost instantly simply because it’s filled with all the stuff we love: very melodic guitars, a bass with a nice groove, drums that carry a very nice beat, and a voice that is either majestic, beautiful, or both which really separates this genre from all the rest in the world of metal. This album also has a few symphonic implementations, keyboards to be specific, and that gives a little extra nice-ness that fits perfectly with the base instruments that were already doing a great job on their own, but the keyboards just make it even better. But overall, Arca Hadian have made a really nice power metal album without a doubt, but there’s nothing fantastically amazing about “The Prophecy” to me, sadly, and I’m not saying it’s not good, just nothing mind blowing about this album is all. But I would suggest any sort of power metal fan to check this album out because it’s got a little something for all of you, and that is something that should be a goal for all bands, and Arca Hadian have definitely met that goal.

You can stream the track “Waiting For the Light” via YouTube below.

Track Listing:

  1. Intro
  2. Waiting For the Light
  3. Killing Dreams
  4. Remembering the Savage Fury
  5. Lord of Sacrifice
  6. Future In My Mind
  7. Resistance
  8. The Prophecy
  9. Words To You
  10. A New Beginning
  11. Dreamers Ride
  12. Rising Force