ARCHSPIRE Sets Live Premiere For ‘Bleed The Future’ Studio Documentary

Archspire 2021

Tech death titans ARCHSPIRE will be live premiering their brand new studio documentary, “Bring Back the Danger,” today, December 22 @ 20:00 CET! The clip gives a behind the scenes look at the making of the band’s critically acclaimed new album, Bleed the Future. The band will be present in the live chat taking questions from fans! You can set a reminder and watch the trailer below.

ARCHSPIRE comments, “A few years ago, someone in our band had the BRILLIANT idea to bring in a videographer to film the writing and recording process of our most recent album Bleed the Future. So after dozens of hours of editing down the footage of us talking about our p*nises, our videographer Connor Gilkinson managed to scrape together this documentary. It takes place between August 2019 and December 2020, along with some footage of our album release shows November 2021. We hope you enjoy it!”

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