ASG – Survive Sunrise

It’s been two years I review bands here for Metal Addicts. I reviewed many bands, from industrial rock to symphonic  black metal; form hard rock to old school death metal, but no band has been so difficult to label as ASG. The first thing that comes to your mind when you listen the title track, “Survive Sunrise,” is that it’s  a modern metal band. So you go on with that feeling. But then comes “Hawks on the Run” with its psychedelic intro and cadence and everything you thought you knew collapses miserably. Ok, the band has a verve. Then comes the time for “The Heaven Moon” and its doomy cadence. You say “What the hell?”. As a matter of fact, “Hawks on the Run” had its doomy parts as well. To make things even more difficult, in the good sense, “The Heaven Moon” has a lot of art rock passages.

“Survive Sunrise” is the most surprising album I’ve ever reviewed here in terms of style changes. Each song brings something different. Of course, there is a main drive and it is the doomy passages. Most songs are something doomy or in cadence or in the vocals. Not only that, art rock have influenced ASG a lot. There is a lot of Yes in here. “Heavy Scars” proves it. There is also a lot of Black Sabbath, even more in songs like “Tied Tongues” and its shoegazed cadence and well pronounced guitars.

“Survive Sunrise” is an album to taste slowly. To feel every moment. To listen carefully to each song over and over again. I say that because I am listening to it for the second time right now and it feels completely diferent from the first time. ASG surprise. It’s not that technical band where everybody is a monster in their instruments, but there are lots of heart and passion. That counts a lot. You feel the heat, the will. To me, inspiration and heart are more important than a fine technique. In fact, it is really worth the shoot.

ASG “Survive Sunrise” was released on June 15th via Relapse Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Survive Sunrise
  2. Execution Thirst
  3. Up From My Dreams
  4. Lightining Song
  5. Hawks on the Run
  6. The Heaven Moon
  7. Kubrick Colors
  8. God Knows We
  9. Heavy Scars
  10. Weekend Money
  11. Lamb Song
  12. Florida Sleep on
  13. Tied Tongues

Watch “Execution Thirst” official video here: