Asgard – To A Golden Age

ha0y01iaAXkOVzdwp_-rAsIgjKY8HQg_TspiH1z4cNA As this is a reissue and I’ve never heard of neither this Asgard band or “To A Golden Age” before, what better place to start with these guys? Coming back with a 1996 viking metal album being reissued, Asgard does not exist anymore but they’re legacy is a very solid and a damn good one. Each track has a thrash metal feel to it with the guitars and drums having an obvious fast pace only to have death metal-like vocals suddenly cut in and take control bringing in a crushing tone that the rest of band just didn’t have. The only thing about the overall sound of “To A Golden Age” is that the actual sound quality itself wasn’t that good and it really didn’t not sound nice to me albeit this was made in ’96 by a not so well known band, so that’s probably why but it still gets in the way however little. The pace and the tone of the album though was spot on in all 9 tracks and that is really what helps this album become good and more savory to my ears. It would sometimes slow down and the bass would have a good pulse only to build up into more thrash-y bits. Asgard definitely were one of those underrated and unknown viking metal bands of the 90’s, and even though the band doesn’t exist anymore their interesting touch and sound live on to today. If you’re looking for an old school band making old school music that not many people know about then look no further than “To A Golden Age”.

You can stream “To A Golden Age” in its entirety via YouTube below.

Track Listing:

1. Crusade of the Beserker
2. Odhinn Ride
3. The Way of the Nordic Light
4. Highland of Dreams
5. Day in Val-hall
6. To a Golden Age
7. Sons of Aesirs
8. Suicide
9. Outro

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